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Specialising in creative corporate films for social media & mini documentaries for families


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I’ve spent my career filming, producing and directing factual documentaries for television.

SOCIAL MEDIA FILMS: I now run a unique Oxfordshire based filmmaking company called Oojamaflick. I specialise in stylish social media films for brands, businesses, charities and festivals. Oojamaflicks are films with personality that are changing the face of corporate videos. Let’s create inspiring content your clients and customers will love, like, share and share. High-production values and highly creative ideas that are all within your budget. Creating film content for your website and social media is quicker, easier and cheaper than you think. Join the film revolution and see how you can boost YOUR brand.

CLIENTS: BBC Children in Need, Car Fest, Muddy Stilletos, Guy Martin Proper, Goodman Media, Dirt Quake, Kokolokahi, Maven&I, Florence Nightingale Foundation, Come to My Party, Chipping Norton Physio, Virginia House, Armadillo Social, Amber Lounge, Limes Dental, Stream Comms, Shared Beauty Secrets, New Leaf Solicitors, The Great Little Flower Company, Rohde Schwarz, Teknos, Trailertek, Melanoma UK, Nominet and Magenta.

FAMILY FILMS: If making memories with your family is what you want, we’ve got that covered too. Making memories on camera with your family is an unforgettable and original experience. The concept behind the Family Oojamamflick is driven by the emotions you’ll experience when you watch it back in years to come. Treat your own family or gift someone you love. It’s the film that gets better with age. It’s shot in the style of a short TV documentary with natural mini interviews and soundbites. No scripts and no rehearsals – just you and your family doing the things you love. The end results are beautiful, poignant and fun. Get in touch to find out more.

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