Boost your social media presence

Nothing is more important to Oojamaflick than beautiful imagery and memorable storytelling. I am passionate about delivering high quality and value to small businesses and charities with as much artistic flair as I’ve got. I am de-bunking the myth that great video content should cost the earth. I work alone with the latest equipment and can offer you a beautifully crafted film with a personality that will take you into the wonderful stratosphere of social media filmmaking.

You can easily increase your social media visibility with a high-impact, low-cost web film and it’s much easier and quicker than you think. We can work together to come up with great ideas to boost your online presence. Testimonials, actuality, branding, story-telling, advertising, virals, vlogging! What could a web film do for you?

To find out more call Emma on 07974 809026 or email