Are you looking for something truly unique?

How do you star in your own documentary film?

It’s easy. We chat about your family. We find a date that works. I turn up and film you all for about four hours doing the things you love to do as a family; I go away and lovingly edit your high definition film. It’s natural, it’s poignant, it’s pure fun. I deliver your Oojamaflick via email so you have a copy to keep on your Mac/PC (a Quicktime Movie). I also upload it to Vimeo on a public or private setting, ta-dah!

How long is it?

Your professionally edited high definition film is 15 minutes long – that’s 15 minutes of beautiful, crafted editing with music and grade. Any longer and you lose the spontaneous urge to keep watching it. I promise you, at this length, you will keep going back to it again and again. Why stop at one? As your family grows so too does your Oojamaflick collection. It’s online, it’s creative and it’s yours to share on social media or privately on email. The more you watch it – the more you’ll love it!

How much is it?

I’m Oxfordshire based. Each Oojamaflick is unique to your requirements. You pay £400 plus VAT (travel costs may occur if located further afield).

The perfect original gift

Why not think about gifting an Oojamaflick to an awesome family? It’s a truly unique present and something they can keep forever. The family will receive an Oojamaflick gift card in the post telling them the good news. Perfect!