Shy people withdraw; the confident ones go wild! What am I talking about? The moment I turn the camera on – that’s what I’m talking about. But you may be surprised to hear that that simply isn’t the Oojamaflick case. If a complete random came up to you in the street and asked to film you I think you’d recoil and immediately exit stage left. You’d be ill-prepared and probably cringe – a lot! And although, yes, I am a complete random who is coming to film your family; I’m there to film something that needs no dress rehearsal at all – the undeniable bond of the family. You could be the Brady Bunch, The Sopranos, The Simpsons and, yeh, you may react differently for the first five minutes I’m there, but whatever your family dynamic is, just go with it. I can confidently say that’s what happens every time and it’s pretty special to watch. You can thank this random in the future when your kids’ kids are watching you crazy lot back online…



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