This is a rainbow! They don’t make you think of anything bad – they make you think of everything good! I felt I needed to cushion the content a little with some hope because I’m feeling hope-less. Reports of a mass walk out at Cannes Film Festival’s, The House that Jack Built by the ever-so controversial Lars Von Trier, have angered me. As a film maker on a very non-murdery small scale I believe we have a duty to provoke thought – yes! Reveal truths, agendas, taboos – yes, yes, yes! Tell beautiful, sad and painful stories. Reawaken the past, try to change the future and make people laugh. Be controversial. Have freedom of speech and commit to subjects with passion, emotion and no regrets. What I don’t think we need to do is see this film (these scenes are so gruesome I cannot even describe one of them in this blog). Cannes is a place to marvel at creative minds. Where the brilliant show us something on screen we’re all so bloody irritated we didn’t come up with ourselves. Where cameras cross lines they’re not supposed to cross, where directors create brand-new subversive moments, where editors toil frame by frame (of which there are 24 in a second) to create the most incredible viewing experiences. There was enough of a furore over the food allergy reference in Peter Rabbit – the film was banned in some parts of the country. How does something like this find a stage at one of the world’s greatest film festivals? I would have liked to have been a fly-on-the-wall in the selection process – a¬†massive fly with a mega-phone. Who am I to say watching serial killings of women and children with very little show of a story line isn’t art? Well I believe I am someone who has a moral compass and a creative moral compass. I believe that when that dial starts spinning out of control, it’s knackered and you’re lost!



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