Where did lockdown send your brain?

During lockdown I really felt inclined to make parody films, silly films and have some fun with film. I wanted to jump into my camera and just make, make, make. I’ve also been running some amazing photo challenges on Instagram and everyone is welcome to come and get involved – you won’t regret it. I never wanted to dilute the serious nature of lockdown and ignore the terrible sadness and pain I could feel and see around me, but my way of dealing with it was to be daft! I am not the greatest teacher but we all really enjoy being together and I feel blessed to have had so much quality time with my incredible family. Since week one I have been making a series of little homeschooling films – basically how to ‘not’ homeschool, as well as other lighter little random films and this is the PSHE one. They are meant to raise a little smile – that’s all. I just felt compelled sometimes at the end of a homeschool day to shake it up a bit!! Please don’t use any of these as actual teaching aids or your child will fail, fail, fail!