On the Eve of the US election it felt right to talk politics.  Normally Oojamaflick.com is a politic-free zone, but momentarily…it’s not!!  My thoughts stem from a news feed I read on 12 year old Campbell from Oz.  He decided one day, quite out of the blue, that he wanted to make teddies for sick kids.  He spent hours and hours until his little digits bled – learning a new craft, and since that night he’s made a lot of sick kids – a lot happier.  What struck me was the selfless, creative, beautiful, thought-provoking, honest and humble actions of this little boy.  During the frenzied spectacle of the US elections I’ve seen nothing but selfish, bland, ugly, mind-numbing, dishonesty all wrapped up in delusions of grandeur – the ‘absolute’ exact opposite of little Campbell!!  So Clinton and Trump – if you’re reading this tonight (meh) perhaps you could take a moment to look through the eyes of a 12 year old for some clarity…you’re gonna need it??




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