If you wear your pants over your trousers you’re either inebriated, eccentric or super! Thankfully no one is intoxicated when I’m filming (so far – so good), but there are plenty of little superheroes donning bloomers and capes. When I’m filming Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – a showbiz adage that we ‘all’ know springs to mind, “NEVER WORK WITH ANIMALS OR CHILDREN’. It springs to mind, however, for absolutely the opposite reason! I LOVE it. Unpredictable, breathtakingly honest, hilariously unscripted little scene stealers (that’s the kids not the pets – that’s another blog). In the movies it’s fair to say that sometimes those little monkeys won’t behave the way you had hoped, but this isn’t the movies. Oojamaflicks are pure. Real. Life. SO, if you’re worried about your kids saying or doing something a bit leftfield…please don’t give it a second thought! You will look back at your children on film in ten years time…you’ll laugh and maybe cry but you’ll absolutely hang on to the little quirks that made them so ‘Super’. Oh and it turns out that the only reason so many super heroes wear their pants on the outside is simply because they were modelled on the garb of aerial circus performers…I personally think it’s where they keep their spare car keys!!




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