I have a great respect for TV & film’s male writers, directors and producers – huge, infact! But it’s always pretty excellent when a shed load of super-talented women shake up the male/female balance. I always like to read the credits and see what I’m dealing with after a dramatic on-screen experience has wowed me or just made me think differently and most recently it’s been some pretty epic ladeeees. I’ve just finished gulping down the first series of The OA on Netflix and, although it’s left me with some loose threads and timeline anomalies, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything quite so unique. No spoiler alerts here just kudos to the incredible casting, acting and above all the ground-breaking viewer experience. Brit Marling (see pic) is not only beautiful she’s conceptual, incredibly creative and cool! And flying the Brit flag for comedy series, Fleabag is the addictive Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Another mega writer, actor – everything! She can fuse terrible sadness with extreme hilarity in the exact same moment. As my mum’s French friend would always repeat several times – extraordinary, extraordinary, extraordinary! And finally Lena Durham – creator, writer, director, executive, fire-fighter (well she might as well be) of HBO’s Girls. Another all-singing, all-doing gal. Disclaimer – I wouldn’t suggest you all go out and watch these series because they can offend and they can touch nerves, but I would recommend you join me in patting the women with the huge ball point pens on the back.




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